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Portrait of a Goan Collector

My Work

Dogs Without Borders

DP, Editor


In the aftermath of her brother's tragic suicide, a young woman finds solace in adopting a stray dog from Romania, but as she delves deeper into the world of stray dog adoption, she discovers a disturbing reality.

Back to the Wild

MOD Father - Official Trailer

DP, Editor


Written & Directed by Andrew Polyviou - A Comedy based on the life of a MOD and his associates. Besides getting the creative freedom as a DP, the post-production edit, music and sound design was a huge learning to take home.

Governing Polution

Custom Carpets

DP, Editor


A corporate Show Reel, Commissioned by BSH Walls & Floors. This Corporate shoot took me through the doors of renowned designers, like Kristina Zanic, Bond Interiors. Filmed and edited to interlace various designers sharing their views on custom carpet manufacturing.

Cry Us a River

Food Show Reel

DP, Editor


Commissioned by Nestle Professional, food to look at its best. Shot over 7 days and edited over 30 Videos as content for the months to come. Crew built up of Creative Director, 2 Cam ops, gaffer &  a food Stylist.

Climate Change, Reversed

Huzaifa Furniture



Stock footage, filming random aerial images from around the United Kingdom.

Commissioned by Switch Communications to film commercial videos for a Huzaifa a high end luxury furniture brand in Dubai. Then working alongside SC's talented creative-director to achieve this vision.

Drone Footage

Ops, Editor


The Portrait of a Goan Collector

DP, Editor


An Award winning documentary covering the mad obsession of a man, as he tries to time warp dying traditional trades and methods of living. Collecting artefacts of sustainable living, which are now a distant past. This collection that grew to become its own museum.



I am Agnelo Wayne Rodrigues. I'm a self shooting DP/Editor for the last 10 years & still hungry and excited for my next Project!


The last decade has had me direct shoot & edit corporate films for renowned brands in the field of lifestyle, food, travel, pharmaceuticals & banking. Working closely with marketing and PR specialists, executing their vision to their satisfaction. I've also worked as a DP/Cam Ops on comedy sketches & short films.


I am a dedicated professional and approach every project with a simple principle of, "Listen|Create|Deliver"




Tel: 00447459948544 / 00971503890939
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